Notes on downloading the mammoth sequences

Over 30 million mammoth reads should be available from here. However, if you see only around 300,000 reads, then our data set has not made it from the Short Read Archive to the global query page. The Short Read Archive is in Entrez, but may not yet be deployed to the global query page.

The alternative approach is as follows. You can get to the SRA Entrez from here by selecting ‘sra’ from the pulldown menu of databases. You can also navigate to an SRA Entrez search from the ‘browse’ tab located on our SRA main page From Entrez, it is only possible to download data by Experiment (for now). To obtain complete datasets (i.e. Studies or Samples), use the ‘download’ tab on the SRA main page. Instructions for downloading are here. NCBI is supporting a file transfer technology called AsperaConnect, which can be downloaded from the SRA page. With AsperaConnect installed, an entire directory can be downloaded by clicking on it. Also, the mammoth data is here. NCBI is supplying SRA data in fastq.gz format for now.